UCLA Campus

January, 2018

Portland, OR

February 2018


NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory

I was a panelist on “Interviewing Techniques for Scientists”  hosted by the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability.  The panel was moderated by the institute’s Director, Dr. Peter Kareiva, and included Doug Parsons, host of the climate podcast, “America Adapts,” and my long time communication training partner, scientist-turned-filmmaker Randy Olson.


I taught and co-led 4 different workshops at the Ocean Sciences Meeting hosted by ASLO, AGU and The Oceanography Society.  I led 40 intrepid science communicators in a very productive improv training.  And about 60 more during my interactive talk.

Teaching a 5 day intensive workshop on " Developing Characters for Improv – The Groundlings Way"


Teaching an ntro to Sketch writing class

Los Angele, CA

January 2018




Led 300 attendees through my interactive talk for JPL's LEAP series.   Happy to report is has yielded some follow ups with the science community there

Santa Monica, CA 

April 2018


As Senior Facilitator of iMergence, I led break out group of creators and social media experts in collaboration, creativity and team building.